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Founded in 1990, A La Carte Communications specialized in lifestyle television and video production. The Productions link details A La Carte's television programs. These range from America's most watched and renowned TV chefs--Julia Child, with whom A La Carte has won numerous accolades including four National Emmy Awards, and The Frugal Gourmet, who had an audience of 6 million weekly viewers--to historical and wildlife documentaries and innovative cable series, like Animal Planet's PetLine and Wild Guide and The Discovery Channel's Fix-It Line. In addition, A La Carte has produced and licensed companion cookbooks and home videos and DVDs for their cooking series and a CD-ROM for Microsoft based on the Master Chefs program.  It has also licensed many of its programs for international distribution.

A La Carte takes pride in producing high-quality programming, emphasizing respect for the viewer's intelligence, empathy with the viewer's background and experience, and attention to the best ways to build and meet audience's needs and expectations. The principals of A La Carte Communications, Nat Katzman and Geoffrey Drummond, brought decades of successful experience in video production, management, and marketing to the company.  The company emphasizes productions that come in on budget and on time.

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