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Production has just wrapped on the new 800 series of America's Test Kitchen. After seven seasons, we are still excited about what we're doing in the kitchen and on TV. Once again, our "Mission Possible" ensemble of chefs and cooks and testers and tasters, all led by ATK's sartorial 'Editor-in-Chef' Christopher Kimball, reveal the best ways to cook our favorite dishes. "We uncover the pitfalls, make the mistakes, try out the wrong equipment and ingredients, and cook each recipe 30, 40 even 50 or more times, so that you--OUR VIEWERS AT HOME--will have a clear map to foolproof success in the kitchen," Chris likes to say.

In the upcoming season, the unique ATK approach to problem solving for the home cook tackles two new areas of cooking: "lite" (low fat/low calorie) and "quick" (under 30 minutes). Lite recipes include everything from "lite cheesecake" (really) to "lite lasagne" (we're not kidding). Quick food, too, has become a much talked about and televised topic in cooking. Our quick recipes are demonstrated in real time. Undergoing the same rigorous (compulsive?) testing as the rest of the ATK repetoire, the results are as good (or almost as good) as the high calorie or slow cooked versions.

Other much watched and anticipated features for the upcoming season are the Tasting Lab, where Jack Bishop returns to challenge Chris' palate to shine a spotlight on today's best cooking ingredients - taking great glee in both stumping Chris as well as debunking the myth that the more you pay, the better the product. Adam Reid, our Equimpment Corner specialist, immerses himself in the myriad of products wanting to find a home in viewers' kitchens, and recommending which ones are must haves, which ones are novelties, and which ones should live out their short lives on the store's shelf.

America's Test Kitchen 800 for January 2008 - we're all about enjoyable, entertaining and rewarding time spent watching TV and cooking in your kitchen.