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301 Chocolate Cakes
Two kinds of chocolate cake are prepared with two irresistible results: chocolate pudding cake and flourless chocolate cake. Vanilla is an important element to both recipes.

302 Texas Chili
The team presents step-by-step instructions for Texas chili, including guidelines for adding heat with chili powder.

303 Pasta From Nothing
Master cooking with garlic in these two weeknight recipes: quick lasagne and pasta aglio e olio.

304 American Casseroles
Casseroles recipes include macaroni and cheese and turkey tetrazzini.

305 Steakhouse Dinner
Picking out tenderloin, making a delicious pan sauce and tossing a salad with homemade blue cheese dressing are just three ways viewers can re-create a classic steakhouse dinner at home.

306 Weekend Brunch
A perfect Sunday morning is created with sour cream coffee cake and three versions of fruit salad. Tips include how to make a great cup of coffee.

307 Thanksgiving III
New Thanksgiving recipes for grill-roasted turkey, mashed sweet potatoes and a special cranberry sauce liven up this traditional meal. Viewers also learn which potato masher makes the job the easiest.

308 Hearty Soups
On a cold winter's day, these recipes for split pea with ham and rustic potato leek soups are a warming influence.

309 Pork Chops
It's easy to turn a bad pork chop experience into a good one with simple cooking techniques. For a twist, smother them with bacon and onions. Gas grills also are put to the test

310 New York Cheesecake
Combine a tasty graham cracker crust, smooth cheesecake filling and a delicious strawberry sauce for a traditional New York dessert.

311 Quick Chicken Dishes
Chicken doesn't have to be boring, especially with these tested recipes for chicken Milanese, oven-roasted chicken and chicken piccatta. Plus, viewers learn which inexpensive non-stick skillet works best.

312 Quick Breads
The America's Test Kitchen team prepares simple recipes for bakery favorites, including cinnamon buns and banana bread. Also, viewers learn which loaf pan is the best.

313 Party Foods
Buffalo wings and nachos are no longer strictly sports bar fare. A recipe for sangria helps wash them down.


314 Lemon Meringue Pie
The team reveals the definitive recipe for this dessert favorite.

315 Chinese Take-Out
If the local Chinese restaurant leaves something to be desired, these recipes satisfy the urge for fried rice and kung pao shrimp. The team also tries several methods for boiling white rice.

316 Beef Burgundy: A French Classic
A perfect beef broth is the key ingredient in preparing this classic recipe.

317 American Cookies
This episode encourages viewers to stop buying chocolate chip and molasses cookies at the stores, with a few easy recipes.

318 Bistro Classics
Well-tested recipes for steak au poivre and crème bruleé are bistro classics at that can easily be made at home.

319 Italian Pasta Classics
Spaghetti puttanesca and pasta Bolognese get the Test Kitchen treatment with great results. The right sauté pan is a key ingredient.

320 Ham Dinner
Abandon supermarket hams with this easy technique for preparing spiral ham at home.Classic green bean casserole gets a new treatment.

321 Backyard BBQ
Viewers learn how to improve their favorite backyard barbecue foods with recipes for baby back ribs and American potato salad. The team also unlocks the secret of a winning BBQ sauce and how to grill with wood chunks and chips.

322 Simple Fruit Desserts III
Baking soda is a key ingredient in these delicious fruit desserts: strawberry shortcake and cherry cobbler.

323 Dressing up Vegetables
Side dishes sing with these recipes for twice-baked potatoes and stuffed peppers. The team also tests to see which peppermill works best.

324 Holiday Dinner Menu
Roast tenderloin and scalloped potatoes make for a wonderful holiday meal when prepared with these Test Kitchen recipes.

325 Uptown BBQ
Barbecued salmon served with cucumber salad makes for a special grilled dinner The Test Kitchen also reveals which charcoal grill is the best.

326 Rustic Bread at Home
Unveiling the mysteries of yeast, the test kitchen meets the challenge of making delicious bread at home.

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