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#601 "Porkapalooza"
Overcome the challenges of cooking thick-cut pork chops and learn the secrets of roasted pork tenderloin. Tasting: vinegar.

#602 "Dinner on a Dime"
Steak with buttermilk mashed potatoes is a guaranteed hit at the dinner table and with the wallet. Tasting: cheap steaks. Testing: sauciers.

#603 "Blue Ribbon Apple Pie"
The ATK team demonstrates the absolute best recipe for deep dish apple pie.
Tasting: butter. Testing: rolling pins.

#604 "More American Classics"
Nothing says American cuisine like these recipes for chicken and dumplings and baked beans. In the science segment, OddTodd explains the correlation between beans and acid. Testing: cheap Dutch ovens.

#605 "Dos Sopas Deliciosas"
With the help of the ATK team, these south-of-the-border soups are sure to satisfy the entire family. Tasting: chicken broth. Testing: chef's knives.

#606 "Let's Talk Turkey"
No one roasts a turkey or prepares the perfect side (sweet potato casserole) like the America's Test Kitchen team. Testing: turkey gadgets

#607 "Eggs for Brunch"
The ATK team has the perfect recipes for quiche and frittatas. Tasting: bacon. Testing: canned diced tomatoes.

#608 "Occidental Chicken"
Two take-out flavors are brought to the home kitchen: chicken teriyake and orange-flavored chicken. Tasting: teriyake.

#609 "Cookies"
The ATK team fine-tunes classic spritz and oatmeal cookie recipes, while OddTodd explains the science behind convection ovens. Testing: cookie guns.

#610 "One Skillet Dinners"
America's Test Kitchen answers the call for easy, one-skillet dinners with recipes for skillet lasagna and skillet jambalaya. Testing: celebrity

#611 "Paella & Sangria"
The America's Test Kitchen team gives viewers a taste of Spain with recipes for paella and sangria. Testing: paella pans. Tasting: olive oil.

#612 "Catch of the Day"
The America's Test Kitchen team prepares delicious seafood favorites, including pan-seared scallops and sole muniere. Tasting: butter. Testing:
cutting boards.

#613 "Italian Classics"
Flavorful recipes for fettuccine Alfredo and beef in Bartolo bring Italy into the test kitchen, while OddTodd explains the science of braising.
Tasting: Parmesan.

#614 "Birthday Baking"
Perfect the ultimate birthday treat with this recipe for classic layer cake.
Testing: cake pans. Tasting: raspberry preserves.

#615 "Squashapalooza"
The America's Test Kitchen team chooses squash to create healthy and delicious risotto and soup recipes. Testing: nutmeg grater.

#616 "Tex-Mex Faves"
Take a trip south of the border with ATK recipes for salsa and corn and black bean quesadillas. Tasting: flour tortillas.

#617 "Meat & Potatoes II"
Braised brisket and smashed potatoes make for a delicious, cold-weather meal. Later, OddTodd explains the science behind tenderizing meat. Testing:
electric knives.

#618 "BBQ Pulled Chicken"
The America's Test Kitchen team cooks up some delicious home-cooked BBQ, with recipes for pulled BBQ chicken and cabbage salad. Tasting: BBQ sauces. Testing: mini food processors.

#619 "Curries"
The ATK team recreates Indian food in the test kitchen, with recipes for shrimp curry in yogurt and green curry with chicken. Tasting: coconut milk.

#620 "Grill Roasted Pork Loin"
Even in the winter, the ATK recipe for grill-roasted pork loin with French potato salad will be a dinnertime hit. Tasting: Dijon mustard.

#621 "Grilled Pizza"
Pizza on the grill is a snap, thanks to ATK's fully tested techniques. Later, OddTodd reveals the science behind yeast. Test: pizza peels.

#622 "Summer Fruit Desserts"
Celebrate summer with America's Test Kitchen's mouthwatering recipes for blueberry cobbler and a freeform fruit tart. Test: food processors.

#623 "High Roast Chicken"
America's Test Kitchen's novel approach to chicken on the grill - high-roast butterflied chicken - has delicious results, especially when served along with potatoes and asparagus. Tasting: chicken. Test: remote thermometers.

#624 "Seafood for Supper"
Avoiding the fish counter at the grocery store will be a thing of the past, thanks to these easy-to-master recipes for sesame-encrusted tuna and pan-roasted halibut. Tasting: soy sauce. Test: oven mitts.

#625 "BBQ Pulled Pork"
Served with cornbread, ATK's recipe for BBQ pulled pork will delight even
the most dedicated BBQ purists. Test: plastic wrap. Test: liquid measuring

#626 "German Chocolate Cake"
The ATK team creates a German chocolate cake destined to impress. Later,
OddTodd explains the science behind one of the cake's ingredients, butter. Test: measuring spoons. Tasting: cocoa.

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