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#701 “Low-Fat Cheesecake”
The ATK team prepares a delicious low-fat cheesecake. Tasting: whole-bean coffee.

#702 “Not Your Average Stir Fry”
The America’s Test Kitchen team puts a new spin on classic stir-fry recipes with potstickers and Thai chili beef.
Equipment: non-stick skillets.

#703 “Chocolate Desserts”
Kimball and crew demonstrate their skill with chocolate in their new recipes for dark chocolate mousse and chocolate cupcakes.
Tasting: dark chocolate.
Equipment: muffin tins.

#704 “Chicken Kiev”
Served with a surprising pan-roasted broccoli, ATK’s chicken Kiev is bound to exceed expectations.
Tasting: sandwich breads.
Equipment: cookbook stands.

#705 “More Tex Mex Favorites”
ATK takes its annual trip South of the Border with recipes for chicken fajitas and huevos rancheros.
Tasting: refried beans.
Equipment: grill pans and non-stick grill

#706 “Pork”
New dinner options abound with recipes for pork medallions and glazed pork chops.
Tasting: cider vinegar.
Equipment: sauté pans.

#707 “Strawberry Cream Cake”
Serve a spectacular dessert with ATK’s strawberry cream cake.
Equipment: standing mixers.
Science: whipping cream.

#708 “More Meat and Potatoes”
The ATK team prepares the perfect Sunday dinner: an all-beef meatloaf served with skillet-roasted potatoes.
Tasting: ground beef.
Equipment: kitchen tongs.

#709 “Fish and Chips”
Kimball and his team recreate classic pub food — fish and chips — in their test kitchen.
Equipment: deep fryers and candy thermometers.

#710 “Rainy Day BBQ”
The ATK team brings a taste of summer inside on a rainy afternoon with oven-barbecued ribs, quick BBQ sauce and buttermilk coleslaw.
Tasting: ketchup.

#711 “Spaghetti House Favorites”
ATK’s chicken Francese and marinara sauce is Italian comfort food at its best.
Tasting: canned whole tomatoes.
Equipment: immersion blenders.

#712 “Pucker Up – Citrus Desserts”
Kimball and crew deliver sure-fire recipes for lemon bundt cake and Key lime bars.
Tasting: Key lime juice.
Equipment: pan-release sprays and bundt pans.

#713 “Staying In for Chinese Take-out”
Save time and money with home-kitchen recipes for velveted chicken with bok choy, noodle cake and hot and sour soup. Equipment: two-quart saucepans.
Science: cornstarch.

#714 “Skillet Dinners”
The ATK team cooks up delicious one-pot recipes for skillet chicken, rice and skillet chicken, and broccoli and ziti.
Tasting: white wine for cooking.
Equipment: knife blocks.

#715 “Flame On!”
Light a fire at the dinner table with steak Diane and crepes Suzette.
Tasting: orange liqueur and canned beef broth.

#716 “Beer Can Chicken”
The ATK team breaks out of the grilled-chicken routine with enticing recipes for beer-can chicken and pesto pasta salad.
Equipment: grill gadgets.

#717 “Fancy Meat and Potatoes”
Recipes for pepper-crusted filet mignon and potatoes Lyonnaise easily transforms a home kitchen into a restaurant kitchen. Tasting: mail-order filet mignons. Equipment: cocktail shakers.

#718 “Chocolate Cake”
Channel the “good old days” with a recipe for old-fashioned chocolate layer cake.
Tasting: chocolate chips.
Equipment: cake-frosting stands.
Science: “blooming” chocolate.

#719 “More Low-Fat Makeovers”
The ATK team delivers delicious low-fat versions of macaroni and cheese and chicken Parmesan with tomato sauce.
Tasting: unusual pastas.
Equipment: indoor Foreman grills.

#720 “Chicken and Stuffing”
Roast-stuffed chicken and sautéed spinach are perfect for a chilly night at home.
Equipment: roasting pans and kitchen shears.

#721 “Brisket BBQ”
Take a trip down South with ATK versions of BBQ brisket and corn fritters.
Tasting: hot sauce.
Equipment: charcoal grills.

#722 “Apple Desserts”
ATK recipes for apple brown Betty and apple strudel will fill kitchens with the aromas of autumn. Tasting: vanilla ice cream. Equipment: pastry brushes.

#723 “Grand Slam Breakfast”
In their test kitchen, Kimball and his team recreate classic breakfast-diner food — delicious omelets, hash browns and eggs-in-a-hole.
Tasting: breakfast sausage.
Science: scrambled eggs.
Equipment: spatulas.

#724 “Beef and Beer Stew”
Carbonnade with egg noodles and acorn squash will satisfy anyone with hankering for a hearty meal.
Tasting: beer.
Equipment: paring knives.

#725 “30-Minute Skillet Casseroles”
The ATK team prepares a quick and delicious chicken pot pie and tamale pie. Tasting: bottled salad dressings

#726 “Summer Cookout”
Celebrate summer with America’s Test Kitchen’s mouthwatering barbecue recipes for picnic chicken and grilled shrimp.
Tasting: veggie burgers and lemonade.
Equipment: skewers.

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