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Martin Yan’s China
New Travel-Cooking Series to Debut in January 2008

In Time for Chinese New Year
A Perfect Prelude to the Beijing Olympics

(New York, NY, October 2007) - This coming January, the widely popular and award-winning Chinese chef and television host, Martin Yan, returns to public television with a new 26-part series, Martin Yan’s China. The wide-ranging episodes showcase a multi-faceted look at China today as well as its deeply rooted culinary traditions. Throughout Yan reveals the sheer diversity of the people, regions and regional cooking that is as vast as the country itself.

For the past three years, Yan has been traveling back and forth to China, his land of birth, appearing as host on a popular cooking show there. The experience has given him amazing exposure and access to people in every province; from shopkeepers to chefs, fisherman to farmers. In Martin Yan’s China, they share with Yan their knowledge and anecdotes, their love of country and their love of food with an immediacy never before seen on American television. Chef Yan travels across wide expanses to bring viewers the cacophony of an urban market, lonely stretches of farmland, cloud-ring mountains and deep valleys, bustling malls and crowded streets - all linked to food and the cooking lesson that sets the central theme.

“Most Americans, and I expect most people, do not realize how complex China is and how different each region can be,” explains Chef Yan. “They think of it huge, but ‘huge’ does not begin to describe the multitude of dialects, cultural subtleties and distinct cuisines. Chinese cuisine is nuanced by the produce and meat of fish source locally, and by the variety of spices used. Each region has its own cultural and culinary profile, and that is what I hope to highlight for the American public.”

Martin Yan has always been fun to watch both for his easy entertaining style and his dexterity in the kitchen, which has been compared to the fluid grace of martial arts. In Martin Yan’s China, Yan devotes half of the show to exploring China and everything it has to offer and the other half to the kitchen. Chef Yan visits Beijing, the home of Mandarin cuisine; Chongqing and Chengdu, home of Sichuan cuisine; Guangzhou, home of Cantonese cuisine; Shanghai, Xian and more. In one episode Yan visits a panda research station and is chased by 16 panda cubs. Then it’s back to the kitchen for Peanut Sauce Eggplant and Sichuan Hot Pot. In another he treks to the real Shangri-La near Tibet and then demonstrates Shangri-La Beef and Sweet Potato Croquettes. He visits Shunde, which the Chinese call “the land of chefs” and orchestrates a seafood cook-off with six award-winning Cantonese chefs. Back in the kitchen viewers will learn the intricacies of Three Treasure in a Paper Chest and Land of Chefs Fish Basket.

The release of Martin Yan’s China also marks the 30th anniversary of Yan’s first television show, “Yan Can Cook” which debuted in 1978 and became an instant hit. Since then he has gained legions of fans, and both recognition and multiple honors from culinary professionals.  The accompany cookbook, scheduled for February 2008 release, will be his 24th cookbook in English.

Martin Yan’s China launches nationally in January 2008 on public television via American Public Television. For more information about Martin Yan and Martin Yan’s China, please contact Robin Insley Associates at 212-849-8256 or


Martin Yan’s China is a production of A La Carte Communications, which has produced shows from such culinary legends as Julia Child, The Frugal Gourmet, Joanne Weir, and Lidia Bastianich, as well as the number-one public TV cooking series America’s Test Kitchen.  Funding for the series has been provided by SANYO appliances, Meyer Circulon cookware, GE Monogram major appliances, Lee Kum Kee sauces, Master Grade knife sharpeners, Melissa’s produce and Tai Foong USA seafood products.